AAMA 501.2 Hose Nozzle

The AAMA 501.2 hose nozzle test is the most common specified new construction field-test for installed storefront & curtainwall systems.

The hose nozzle testing allows for rapid quality assurance testing as well as a useful tool to identify failure points when a water penetration occurs. 

Read more about the AAMA 501.2 hose nozzle test here.

ASTM E 1105 Water Penetration Testing

The ASTM E 1105 is the "go to" standard when field-testing newly installed fenestration products.

Water is applied using a calibrated spray rack system while simultaneously applying negative pressure on the opposite side of the test specimen.

Read more about the ASTM E 1105 field testing here.

Field Quality Control Testing Services

Looking for a competent reliable second/third party field-testing company for your next project?

BDG specializes in field water penetration testing for new construction of multi-family, commercial, industrial, and institutional building throughout the United States.

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ASTM C 1715 Masonry Drainage Testing

Brick masonry wall leaking? If it's a drainage system, it's mostly likely caused by a failure in the thru-wall flashing.

We use the ASTM C 1715 test method to determine the effectiveness of the masonry drainage system and help locate the exact failure points when a leak occurs.

Read more about the ASTM C 1715 testing here.

Infrared Thermography (IR)

Infrared thermography (IR) is a proven non-destructive method to identify anomalies in building systems.

Not all IR camera systems are equal. BDG uses specialized high-resolution camera systems by FLIR, each custom built to detect even the slightest temperature contrast for effective use for building science services.

Learn more about our infrared thermography services here.

3rd Party Repair Validations

The time and expense of performing post remedial performance testing will save the owner money in the long run and ensure proper repairs that will extend the service life of the building.

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